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Fostering Youth Character Today
To Create Better Leaders For Tomorrow


of young adults say society is in a leadership crisis


of 16-19-year olds already volunteer on a regular basis


of children between the ages of 18-21 have been cyberbullied


of Gen Zers indicating they have started—or intend to start—their own business

Youth Want Action, Support, and Purposeful Change.

The Challenge is Great, but the Energy of Today's Youth is Even Greater.

Today's youth are facing more complex challenges that are being compounded by societal and environmental factors day after day. The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with pressures from school and their social lives, have led to heightened psychological distress and strained mental health. The number of children in Georgia who visited emergency rooms for reasons related to suicide nearly tripled between 2008 and 2021.


However, those same young people understand that their voices and actions have power. There's hunger to fulfill a purpose bigger than themselves and they want to see real world changes.


The youth of today feel that they are the ones that must make this tangible and reliable shift happen. The question now is how can we support them. 

Young youth boy smiling, listening to music

LCYC Believes in Equipping Youth
with Integrity

Although the obstacles youth face in carving out a better future are layered, one approach can be proven to help create a better future filled with virtue and respectability: leadership character development.


This is why the Leadership Character Youth Coalition (LCYC) exists. We believe in equipping youth ages 12-22 with the ability to confidently make choices rooted in integrity so that they can positively lead tomorrow with character.

We aggregate, create and provide research-based, age-specific leadership development tools, content and expert consulting to youth-engaging organizations. 

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Join us in amplifying the leadership character-building impact of reputable organizations nationwide and inspire better leaders for all of our futures.


Change the lives of young people, and our world as a whole. See the time you put in directly affect the way in which youth-facing organizations positively bring change to today’s youth — creating a ripple of impact.


There are various meaningful service opportunities you can be a part of. Discover the role you can play in the critical movement of igniting the spirit of leadership character in today’s youth.

Kids and adolescents should learn leadership skills to better lead with integrity
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