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Student portrait of a young woman in class. Young adults should learn leadership skills to better lead with integrity.

Leadership character of our youth starts at the beginning.

Smiling student hanging out with fellow teen friends

At Leadership Character Youth Coalition (LCYC), we believe that good leadership skills and the ability to cultivate an environment of integrity and morality starts at the beginning of our journeys.

As today's youth strive to change the world for the better, they need the right tools to do the job.


As the late CEO of GE Jack Welch once said:

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself.”

Smiling teenage/adolescent young man


We believe in equipping youth with the ability to make choices with integrity, value, respect, and responsibility today so that they can be better for themselves and a beacon for others tomorrow. Through our proven programming driven by a 25-year strong adult leadership character model, we are creating a research-based and data-driven model for today’s young people ages 12-22. Likewise, we are gathering essential program participant feedback through a strong feedback loop strategy and action plan.


Well First, We...

Partner with youth-engaging community organizations like nonprofits, schools, parent organizations and other character-building facilitators to create a ripple effect of change.

Students in a classroom learning from teacher on leadership skills
Girl taking note next to a laptop

Then We...

Use a research-based approach to evolve development resources and curriculums with the L&D methods that are best suited for younger generations — helping us to impact more and more youth wherever they are in their character-building journey.

Soon We Will...

See a transformed world. When children grow up to live a life of integrity, involvement, and moral character, this positivity will permeate all aspects of life. We can start to envision a planet led by leaders making a positive difference for the future.

Join the Movement.
Volunteer Your Leadership.

Your participation as a volunteer can help us live in a world with better leaders. With better leaders, we’ll see more equity, more collaboration, more accountability, and a more positive human experience for all. Contact Us below if you are interested in providing impact in these three crucial ways:


A volunteer base with meaningful connections in many areas of the community is key. Support LCYC's mission by bringing who you know to join the movement in their own way.


Talent and expertise are what drive the heart of our work. By having passionate volunteering leaders of various diverse backgrounds and experiences LCYC can truly help the results of youth-facing organizations better thrive.


Other volunteer roles include having and contributing the ability to support mission work through substantial financial means, understanding that the power of a dollar can make a big impact.

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