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We amplify the collective impact of youth development by fostering character growth for a future with better leaders.


LCYC will be the place where research-based resources focused on positive leadership character — which includes characteristics like integrity, respect, honor, responsibility, empathy and self-awareness — can be harnessed for developing youth that are poised to make a better, and more equitable, future for all.

Content Resources & Tools

We curate and design age-specific, character-focused youth development content, resources and tools to engage youth ages 12-22. These items aim to contribute thought leadership and guidance for creating environments of integrity amongst children and young adults.

Expert Consulting

We provide expert consulting for facilitation, train-the-trainer support, plus resources for action plans and outcomes measurement. Success cannot be evaluated if it is not measured, and we provide the resources to do just that.

Custom Development

We offer detailed strategy and personalized development programming that is measurable and directly answers to an organization's content and resource goals. We want each organization to walk away from our programs knowing they have everything in their toolbox for creating the next great generation of leaders.


What is Leadership Character?

The Leadership Character Model was developed in 1995 by Robert and Carolyn Turknett, founders of Turknett Leadership Group. Leadership character is when leadership development is hyper focused on building character – who you are, not what you do — and the outcome is a leader with integrity, who is respected and respectful, has a sincere sense of responsibility and so much more.


Today when positive leaders are needed in countless ways and spaces, the need for us all to have leadership character is critical. Leaders with trustworthiness and respectability are the catalysts for a brighter future. Regardless of your professional level or age, with leadership character, you can truly drive equitably unifying values that spark organizations and communities in the most powerful ways.


val·​ue | \ valyo͞oz  \

4: something (such as a principle or quality) intrinsically valuable or desirable 


cat·​a·​lyst | \ ˈka-tə-ləst  \

2: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action


If you want to be a part of LCYC’s mission, we’d love to talk to you. Your support could mean the world to a young person, and that person to the world.

Leadership Character
LCYC Character Scale
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